Words for all manner of things….

Just The Type provides assistance and guidance through the literary minefield.
Whether you want someone to listen to your music, buy your cakes, hire your photographic services, compliment your designs, debate your artwork, or attend your event, Just The Type turns the otherwise ordinary into the extraordinary by the arrangement of the right words.

Writing copy isn’t just about stringing a sentence together, or being great at spelling and grammar (although that certainly helps!). It’s about finding your own unique story, and telling it as it needs to be heard.

With experience in creating written material for a variety of clients, Just The Type is the prose personality of Lisa –  a Manchester-based PR/Marketeer, Journalism & English BA (Hons), professional gig-goer, runner, eater, coffee-drinker, and occasional golf watcher. 

Press releases, biographies, social networking & web content, newsletters, brochures, press packs, articles, letters or reports… you name it. 

Whether you want to slap your target market in the face or subtly suggest and influence, why not tell me about your project or feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

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